PS3 Reballing Service, the only permanent PS3 YLOD Fix

PS3 Reballing Service, the only permanent PS3 YLOD Fix

For All the people who have been asking for a permenant fix for their Playstation 3. Whether your system has the famous YLOD yellow light of death, doesn’t display video or has any other video problem, here is the repair service that everyone has been waiting for ….!!!

What is PS3 Reballing?

PS3 Reballing Service

When you reball the chips in your PS3 you are removing the “Lead Free” solder joints that hold the chip to the board, then re-attaching the chip using brand new “Leaded” solder.

It is called “PS3 Reballing” because each of the solder joints on the bottom of the chip are so fine and there are so many joints, they are done by using little solder balls. The solder balls are held in place using a special stencil, designed specifically for the PS3 chip.

Reball PS3 ChipThe little “leaded” solder balls are held in place by flux, then pre-soldered to the chip using hot air. The chip is then lined up very carefully on the PS3 Motherboard making sure all solder joints line up perfectly. Once the joints are lined up, hot air heats the chip from the top and melts the solder balls perfectly to the corresponding solder.

PS3 Reball Rework Station

Heating up the motherboard can cause the board to warp and crack. To prevent this from happening the board must be heated evenly. This requires a special Rework Station using hot air and bottom heat.

PS3 Reball Repair vs. PS3 Reflow Repair

Performing a reflow of the solder on your PS3 does work and will repair your system in most cases. The problem with reflowing is eventually the YLOD problem will return. The reason for this is the “Lead FREE” solder used by Sony on the chips. Lead Free solder is very brittle and can crack easily. It is also less resistant to heat than “Leaded” solder and can melt easier. Over time from the chip heating and cooling the “Lead Free” solder will fail again, resulting in the PS3 YLOD returning.

With Reflowing “NO” new solder is applied and the chip is not removed. The chip is just re-heated so that the solder will melt and hopefully re-connect the joints.

With “Reballing” all the old solder is removed. The chip is cleaned, the board is cleaned and brand new “Leaded” solder is applied. Using Leaded solder makes this repair stronger than the original and your system will last for a very long time.

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  1. ardy mengatakan:

    alamat lengkapnya mana gan? saya di pekalongan ga ada yg bisa servis ylod. dan kira2 kalo servis nyampe brpa gan


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